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  • I want to book a KED cleaning, what do I do?
    To book a cleaning, follow the following steps: Has our team inspected your establishment? If YES, you may book via the booking platform on the site or book by contacting us directly. If NO, then follow the steps below: Book a Site Visit with us and someone from our team will contact you. Our team will visit you on the agreed upon date for a site inspection. The team will confirm the location, dimensions, and quantity of the following: a. Exhaust Motor(s) b. Range Hood c. Ceiling Access d. Ducts e. Duct Access(es). Once the necessary information has been collected, our team will send you a proposal.
  • Do I really need to have a duct access installed?
    Yes, the duct access allows our team to reach the hard to reach places inside your duct ensuring a more thorough cleaning.
  • I don't have a duct access, can you provide them for us?
    No problem, our team can provide you with duct access(es). We can include the cost in our proposal. This will be installed on the scheduled cleaning date.
  • How long does a cleaning session last?
    It ranges anywhere between five (5) hours to eight (8) hours depending on the volume of Fats, Oils, and Grease inside the KED. A frequently maintained exhaust system would require less time to clean.
  • Can problems occur after cleaning?
    If your exhaust system has been (or is) properly maintained, issues are less likely to appear. When your exhaust system has not been (properly) cleaned or maintained for a long time, the following may occur: Motor damage due to build-up. Leakages from connectors. Electrical component damage. Blocked airway, causing poor ventilation. (Not as frequently) Back flow of grease. Possible issues and causes of issues outside of our scope of work: Electrical damage (may also be caused by contractors not following established best practices) Design deficiencies. Worn-out parts due for replacement. Ceiling damage (if no catwalk or stable footing is present)
  • What makes Junpo Builders different from other KED Cleaning service providers?
    We formulated our own cleaning solution that effectively washes away Fats, Oils, and Grease from Ducts and Blowers.
  • I am a contractor and I have a project, how can I order?
    Just send your BOQ/BOM to and our team will reach out to you for pricing, transaction details, and other information. Don't forget to leave us your contact information so we can reach you better!
  • I have requirements but I can't find the product(s) in your product list?
    You may still send us your inquiries! With the large number of products and brands in the market, we aren't able to list all of them down but rest assured, you can send us your BOQ/BOM/requirements and we'll get back to you on what's available. Note: Our page is a work in progress, we are working on converting all of our physical product lists to our website, so let us know if you are looking for anything specific, and we'll source them for you.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, through courier services. Shipping fees are covered by the customer.
  • Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
    We have a low MOQ at competitive prices. Message us for more info!




我们为我们的服务提供定制价格,我们根据面积、要使用的解决方案的数量、设备总数和设施的位置来定价。 这些都会影响服务的整体价格。  




对于任何取消或重新安排服务,我们将要求至少提前三 (3) 天发出通知。 可能会收取费用。



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